Chinese Diesel Heater - SPARE PARTS, ADDED EXTRAS & UPGRADES 2.0

Updated: Jun 1

Hi everybody, sorry we haven't posted for a while but we are back now with another awesome diesel heater post.

We have posted a similar post to this before but this is the upgraded 2.0 version so we have pulled out all the stops to find some awesome stuff for you.

So these Chinese Diesel Heaters are awesome for the price but it's no big secret that there are some improvements to be made. Sometimes the accessory kit that comes with them are less than top quality, some kits come with awful controllers or the wrong fuel line and none of the kits ever come with a decent mount for fitting it to your vehicle or anything else for that matter.

In this post we will try to cover everything from spare parts incase you loose or break something, upgraded parts for the little bits that might not be good enough for your application and added extras for people who like that sort of thing.

We hope you all find it helpful.


The type of mount your will need really depends on where you will be mounting your heater, the flat plate that comes with the kit is only really suitable to be mounted on a flat metal surface for anything else it is pretty useless. If you are looking for a flat plate like the one that comes with the kit please see below. As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases

TANOU Car Air Top Heater Mount Plate Bracket

If you are fitting it in a van with a wooden floor or in an area of your van without a flat floor then you will need to mount your heater to a turret plate before installing it in your van. They are designed to protect your wooden floor from the heat of the exhaust outlet and also so they can be sealed effectively both inside and underneath the van so dangerous fumes can't get inside the vehicle.

If you have insulation under your floor you will need a turret plate with a collar long enough to fit through your wooden floor, insulation and slightly stick out underneath the van.

Mounting Bracket for Auxiliary Heating 30 mm

This has a 30mm collar for a wooden floor without insulation underneath, if you have an insulated floor you will need the turret plate below with a 60 mm collar

Mounting Bracket for Auxiliary Heating 60 mm

This turret plate has a 60mm collar for wooden floors with insulation underneath, if you do not have any insulation you can use the 30mm plate above

Chinese diesel heater floor mounting plate - planar 100mm

This turret plate has a 100mm collar for wooden floors with extra thick insulation underneath, not as good quality as the items above but good enough and cheap ish

If you want to mount a Chinese Diesel heater underneath a vehicle then you need to install in in something that will protect it from the elements. The waterproofing on these heaters and components is less than minimal so unless you protect them they will probably last less than five minuets. You could either make something to install it in yourself or buy something like this that is perfect for the job.

2kw 65mm Turret diesel Heater Box Planar Eberspacher Webasto Chinese stainless

Suitable for 2KW heaters only

Chinese 5KW stainless steel diesel heater box

Suitable for 5KW heaters only

If you are lucky enough to have a factory position for these heaters on your van that is already protected from the elements like on a T5 for example you can fit your heater underneath the van without a box, all you will need is one of these brackets and you are good to go.

BLACK Eberspacher Airtronic heater or Webasto VW T5/T6 external mount bracket


One this that is pretty hit or miss with these heaters is the quality of the exhaust pipe that is supplied in the kit, sometimes they diameter is slightly to wide so no matter how hard you try and tighten the hose clips the exhaust pipe will never really tighten onto the heater properly, this is easily solved though with a couple of strategically places slits in the end of the pipe. For more info on how to do this please check out our fitting instructions post, we will post a link to it at the bottom of this blog post.

If you are looking for a like for like replacement for the exhaust pipe that comes in the kits with the heaters please see below.

Viviance 25mm Inner Diameter 500mm Length

You can also buy this exhaust pipe in longer sections incase you need to reach further to find a suitable location for the exhaust fumes to exit from, the length of the pipe that comes in the kit with the heater is only 50cm long so a lot of you will want to opt for a longer piece.

Mutiwill 120cm Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe

Viviance ZHVIVY 2M 2.5cm Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe

If you want a decent quality more flexible exhaust pipe that is always the correct diameter at each end then you could upgrade to the exhaust pipe below. It is much better quality and what they use on the German & Russian versions of the heaters.

This exhaust pipe comes from a British seller and can be ordered per meter.

1m Eberspacher 24mm Stainless Steel Flexible Exhaust/Heating Pipe

When it comes to attaching the exhaust pipe to your silencer the hose clips that are supplied it the package are pretty useless and we just throw them straight into the bin, for this reason for these we are not going to suggest a like for like replacement and just show you a couple of upgrade options.

The first suggestion is some genuine Jubilee clips with a decent diameter range so you can tighten them up properly.

10 x Genuine Jubilee Clips 22-30mm (1A)

The second option and a much more heavy duty upgrade would be some proper Eberspacher/Webasto exhaust clamps, you will have no problem securing your pipe to your heater with these.


The silencers/mufflers that come in the kit are very basic bits of kit, they will do the job but when the heater is on full blast they can be quite loud outside. If you are looking for a like for like replacement for your silencer then please see the link below...

Car Air Diesel Heater Exhaust Pipe Silencer

As we mentioned above the silencers that come in the kit with the heaters are pretty basic and don't do a very good job of making the heater silent, there are a couple of things you can do to cut the amount of noise from the exhaust.

The first option would be to add another silencer and another exhaust pipe. The best way of doing this is to buy a 120 cm exhaust pipe and silencer in a set and install them in the following order with the exhaust pipe and silencer that came with your kit...

Heater, 120cm exhaust pipe, first silencer, 50cm exhaust pipe, second silencer

This should go a long way to cutting noise

Exhaust Muffler 120cm, Stainless Steel Pipe Silencer for Parking air diesel heaters

A better option would be to upgrade your silence to a better quality silencer made for the German or Russian versions of these heaters. They are far superior to the cheap Chinese ones and will cut the noise of your heater with this one simple upgrade.

Unfortunately they are more pricey than the Chinese ones but for good reason, so if noise outside the van is a big problem for you then these are the way forward.

You could also use the same method as above and add an extra silencer.

Eberspacher Heater Silencer Muffler for 24mm

If you are installing a heater on a boat none of the silencer options above will be suitable for your install, boats have different requirements and therefor different and often more expensive accessories.

For boat installs you will most likely need both of the options below.

First of all you will need to use a "Dedicated Gas tight Marine Exhaust Silencer" for any marine applications...

Webasto or Eberspacher Marine Exhaust Silencer muffler 24mm

You will also need something to attach to the side of your boat for the exhaust pipe and silence to connect too for the exhaust fumes to exit and so it looks good and neat. For that you will need something like this...

Eberspacher or Webasto Marine Heater Smartfix Boat Exhaust Hull Fitting 24mm


The air intake hose and silencer/filter that come with the heater are good enough for purpose and do they job they are supposed to do, they make the heater slightly quieter and they keep foreign objects out of the heater.

If you are looking for a like for like replacement for these two bits then please follow the link below…

Combustion Air Intake Filter Pipe

If you are looking for an upgrade for your air intake/silencer/filter a really good option would be the Planer/Autoterm air intake with a much better silencer built into it, these silencers really do make a huge difference in keeping your heater quieter especially on start up and would be awesome used in conjunction with the upgrade below...

Autoterm Planar Air Intake Hose With Silencer

One problem that a lot of people have with the air intake is that it makes a lot of noise on start up and with the noise of the exhaust at the same time it makes it sound a little bit like a jet engine. One thing that we have found that makes a lot of difference to this is a MuffMaster silencer. They are pretty much impossible to find in the UK but we have found a link to eBay in the U.S that will ship to the UK