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Chinese Diesel Heater - SPARE PARTS, ADDED EXTRAS & UPGRADES 3.0

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Hi everybody, we're back with another new and updated post for 2022/2023 and this time we have covered


We have posted two similar posts before but this is upgraded 3.0 version so we have pulled out all the stops to find some more awesome stuff for you.

So these Chinese Diesel Heaters are awesome for the price but it's no big secret that there are some improvements to be made. Sometimes the accessory kit that comes with them are less than top quality, some kits come with awful controllers or the wrong fuel line and none of the kits ever come with a decent mount for fitting it to your vehicle or anything else for that matter.

In this post we will try to cover everything from spare parts incase you loose or break something, upgraded parts for the little bits that might not be good enough for your application and added extras for people who like that sort of thing.

We hope you all find it helpful.

Before we start if you haven’t already purchased your heater please check out our tried and tested diesel heaters post below as some heaters in it come with upgraded parts already and all of the others come with decent controllers and remotes. You could save yourself some money by buying the right heater to start with.


The type of mount your will need really depends on where you will be mounting your heater, the flat plate that comes with the kit is only really suitable to be mounted on a flat metal surface for anything else it is pretty useless. If you are looking for a flat plate like the one that comes with the kit please see below.

UK Air Top Diesel Heater Mount Plate Bracket Parking Heating Base For Webasto

If you are fitting it in a van with a wooden floor or in an area of your van without a flat floor (please see photo below) then you will need to mount your heater to a turret plate before installing it in your van. They are designed to protect your wooden floor from the heat of the exhaust outlet and also so they can be sealed effectively both inside and underneath the van so dangerous fumes can't get inside the vehicle.

The size in mm on turret plates refer to the length on the collar that goes through the floor, the thicker your floor base, insulation and flooring the longer the collar will need to be on your turret plate.

For example if you have 12mm ply, 25mm insulation board and 1mm thick Lino laid on a floor that isn't flat and looks the photo below you would need a turret plate that is at least 45mm so you would need to go for something longer than 45mm

If you have a van floor like this the flat plate supplied would be useless pretty much everywhere!

The holes on all turret plates are in exactly the same place as the exhaust, air intake and fuel pipe attachments on the bottom of the heaters are always the same no matter what heater you have be it 2kw, 5kw, German, Russian or Chinese.

Powder Coated Diesel Heater Turret Plate

Stainless Steel diesel Heater Turret Plate

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases

If you want to mount a Chinese Diesel heater underneath a vehicle then you need to install in in something that will protect it from the elements. The waterproofing on these heaters and components is less than minimal so unless you protect them they will probably last less than five minuets. You could either make something to install it in yourself or buy something like this that is perfect for the job.

If you are buying a 5kw box for a 5kw CHINESE heater then you need to be careful as the exhaust manifold air intake and fuel intake are off centre on the Chinese versions but not on the German heaters. This means that if you buy one made for the german heaters you won't be able to fit your Chinese heater in the box, it will be too short on one side. For boxes for Chinese heaters please see the links below...

5kw Stainless Steel Chinese Diesel Heater Box

2kw 40mm Turret Diesel Heater Box

If you are lucky enough to have a factory position for these heaters on your van that is already protected from the elements like on a T5 for example you can fit your heater underneath the van without a box, all you will need is one of these brackets and you are good to go.

Powder Coated T5/T6 Bracket


One thing that is pretty hit or miss with these heaters is the quality of the exhaust pipe that is supplied in the kit, sometimes they diameter is slightly to wide so no matter how hard you try and tighten the hose clips the exhaust pipe will never really tighten onto the heater properly, this is easily solved though with a couple of strategically places slits in the end of the pipe. For more info on how to do this please check out our fitting instructions post, we will post a link to it at the bottom of this blog post.

If you are looking for a like for like replacement for the exhaust pipe that comes in the kits with the heaters please see below.

The Amazon link below is FREE next day delivery if you have a prime membership (or a 30 day FREE trial).

QISF Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe

You can also buy this exhaust pipe in longer sections incase you need to reach further to find a suitable location for the exhaust fumes to exit from, the length of the pipe that comes in the kit with the heater is only 50cm long so a lot of you will want to opt for a longer piece.

The longest exhaust you should use for these heaters without upping the diameter of the exhaust pipe is two meters so this exhaust below to your silencer then the 50cm piece supplied with your heater would would add up to about 185cm with the silencer included in the length. The Amazon link below is FREE same day or next day (depending on the time you order) delivery if you have a prime membership (or a 30 day FREE trial).

Diesel Heater Exhaust Pipe,.Stainless Steel Air Heater Exhaust Pipe, 120cm

If you want a decent quality more flexible exhaust pipe that is always the correct diameter at each end then you could upgrade to the exhaust pipe below. It is much better quality and what they use on the German & Russian versions of the heaters.

Eberspacher Espar or Webasto Exhaust Pipe 24 mm 0.6 m


The first new edition for 2022 is exhaust wrap. Now that maxpeedingrods are supplying it with the upgraded & bluetooth version of their heater we thought we had better add some to the list.

That being said you don't really need to just it if if you are installing it on a van as the exhaust will be underneath the van out of the way and it is actually better not to. Without the exhaust wrap the heat dissipates quicker.

If you're not installing your heater in a van and it is somewhere that you, somebody, something might accidentally lean on it or it is passing through something like a wall for example you should definitely use some of this stuff...

10m Titanium Exhaust Manifold Downpipe Heat Wrap Roll + 10pcs Stainless Cable Ties


Another new addition to the list this year are exhaust elbow joints. These are perfect if you have an all in one heater, they only have so much space at the bottom for the exhaust pipe to attach and bend enough to exit from underneath. Using one of these completely eliminates that problem altogether.

They are also perfect for marine installs as they are stainless steel making them less prone (but not completely) to rust and very robust , anywhere you are tight on space and they are an awesome starting point if you are going to start your own stainless Steel system for safety or longevity.

25mm Exhaust Pipe Tube Elbow Connector For Eberspacher Webasto Diesel Heater NEW


NEW FOR 2022


NEW FOR 2022


NEW FOR 2022

When it comes to attaching the exhaust pipe to your heater and silencer the hose clips that are supplied it the package are pretty useless and we just throw them straight into the bin, for this reason for these we are not going to suggest a like for like replacement and just show you a couple of upgrade options.

The first suggestion is some genuine Jubilee clips with a decent diameter range so you can tighten them up properly. The Amazon link below is FREE next day delivery if you have a prime membership (or a 30 day FREE trial).

10 x Genuine Jubilee Clips 22-30mm (1A)

A much more heavy duty upgrade would be some proper Eberspacher/Webasto exhaust clamps, you will have no problem securing your pipe to your heater with these.


The silencers/mufflers that come in the kit are very basic bits of kit, they will do the job but when the heater is on full blast they can be quite loud outside. If you are looking for a like for like replacement for your silencer then please see the link below...

Heater exhaust silencer,24mm/0.94in Stainless Steel Diesel Parking Heater Silencer for 25mm/0.98in Exhaust Pipe

As we mentioned above the silencers that come in the kit with the heaters are pretty basic and don't do a very good job of making the heater silent, there are a couple of things you can do to cut the amount of noise from the exhaust.

The first option would be to add another silencer and another exhaust pipe. The best way of doing this is to buy a 120 cm exhaust pipe and silencer in a set and install them in the following order with the exhaust pipe and silencer that came with your kit...

Heater, 120cm exhaust pipe, first silencer, 50cm exhaust pipe, second silencer (50 cm pipe and silencer from the kit that came with the heater).

This should go a long way to cutting noise. The Amazon link below is FREE next day delivery if you have a prime membership (or a 30 day FREE trial).

Casoter 120cm Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe Set,Stainless Steel Pipe Silencer

A better option would be to upgrade your silence to a better quality silencer made for the German or Russian versions of these heaters. They are far superior to the cheap Chinese ones and will cut the noise of your heater with this one simple upgrade.

Unfortunately they are more pricey than the Chinese ones but for good reason, so if noise outside the van is a big problem for you then these are the way forward.

You could also use the same method as above and add an extra upgraded silencer for an even quieter exhaust.

EBERSPACHER 24mm ID Exhaust Silencer Muffler 251864810100

If you are installing a heater on a boat none of the silencer options above will be suitable for your install, boats have different requirements and therefor different and often more expensive accessories.

For boat installs you will most likely need both of the options below.

First of all you will need to use a "Dedicated Gas tight Marine Exhaust Silencer" for any marine applications...

Webasto or Eberspacher Marine Exhaust Silencer muffler 24mm

You will also need something to attach to the side of your boat for the exhaust pipe and silence to connect too for the exhaust fumes to exit and so it looks good and neat. For that you will need something like this.

Thru Hull Exhaust Skin Fitting

NEW FOR 2022

Eberspacher or Webasto Marine Heater Smartfix Boat Exhaust Hull Fitting 24mm


If you have been unlucky enough to have a heater delivered with the green fuel pipe then it is a good idea to replace it before you install it as it is the wrong type of fuel pipe for these heaters and it will give you nothing but problems. A common fault with heaters with this fuel line is massive air bubbles that will cause your heater to think it has run out of fuel and shut down giving you an E08 error code (please see video below). This is because the fuel pipe is far too soft and the fuel needs to be pressurised once it leaves the pump to make it all the way to the heater. Without the fuel line being rigid and not at pressure this doesn't happen causing all kinds of problems and the biggest one if air locks.

It also deteriorates quite quickly, kinks like a garden hose, can be squashed and splits quite easily

Sometimes the all in one heaters come with this horrible green fuel pipe too so even if you have one of those there is a good change you will get unwanted E08 error codes and the fuel pipe should be changed

The correct stuff to use is the rigid plastic type with the correct inner diameter with small pieces of thicker fuel pipe to join the pieces together like this.

The Amazon link below is FREE next day delivery if you have a prime membership (or a 30 day FREE trial). It is more expensive but in an emergency it could be very handy

Fuel Filter, Fuel Pipe Line, Hose Clips

Something that might fail over time especially if you keep running your heater until the fuel completely runs out or by something as simple as mounting it at the incorrect angle is the fuel pump, some heater sometimes even turn up with a dud pump that needs replacing.

If you are getting an E04 error code (please see video above) and there is nothing wrong with your connection a new pump is the best place to start.

The Amazon link below is FREE same day delivery (if you order it early enough) if you have a prime membership (or a 30 day FREE trial).

Triclicks Diesel Heater Pump 12V Diesel Air Heater

One of the biggest problems with these heaters that annoys a lot of people is the constant ticking of the pump as it pulses.

The annoyed people have tried loads of weird and wonderful ideas to try to silence them but the pulse in the pump is so strong no matter what they try nothing seems to truly silence them. There is a silent pump on the market but it costs more than most heater units do and you have to email some dude to buy them.

The next best option is one of these pumps below, they are by no means silent but the difference in noise is night and day. If you are still going to be annoyed by it they are also a better starting off point for a DIY silent pump and you are much more likely to achieve your goals

Bigking Heater Pump,Fuel Metering Pump Diesel Heater Fit for Eberspacher Airtronic D2/D4 12V 22451901

NEW FOR 2022

The next thing in the fuel system that could be better quality and should really be upgraded before installation in the fuel filter. The ones supplied in the kit are not really fit for purpose, they are brittle and leak quite often. For this reason we are not going to suggest a like for like replacement instead we will just move straight to a better quality solution.

The first two filters below are perfect for diesel heaters, can be taken apart, cleaned out, used again and have a water trap to separate any water that might have accidentally made its way into your fuel. You definitely want to separate it from the fuel before it gets to your pump or heater so why not get a filter capable of doing it.

Emiif 122mm L Diesel Fuel Water Filter Separator For Eberspacher Heater Camper RV

NEW FOR 2022

Puupaa Fuel Filter/Water Separator Kit (Diesel & Biodiesel) Engine Water Fuel Separator Filter Assembly Fit For Webasto/Espar Heaters

NEW FOR 2022

If you are installing your heater on a boat your fuel filter needs to be made from metal not plastic or glass. You will also need something that is good at separating the water from your diesel as the water is everywhere on a boat. So for a marine install we suggest something a little bit more robust and advanced.

UFI Filters 24.437.00 Diesel Filter

NEW FOR 2022

Another thing that a lot of people choose to change is the fuel tanks, the one supplied with most heaters is a decent size but a stupid shape. If you are installing your heater into a camper conversion you will struggle to find a decent place to put it because it is so tall.

That being said here is a like for like 10 litre replacement and a slightly wider 15 litre version please see below

Hcalory® 10L Fuel Oil Gasoline Tank For Car SUV Truck Air Diesel Parking Heater

40cm x 40cm x 8cm

Hcalory® 15L Fuel Oil Gasoline Tank For Car SUV Truck Air Diesel Parking Heater

NEW FOR 2022

40cm x 45cm x 9cm

If you are struggling for space and need something smaller then you could go for something like this tank, these are nice and small and will only take up about as much space in your van as a small shoe box but they are only half the size of the tank that comes in the kit so you have to fill it up twice as often.

5L Plastic Fuel Tank

NEW FOR 2022

29.5cm x 19.5cm x 9cm

If you are going to use the tank that came in the kit with your heater or either of the tanks above you will get a fuel nozzle to attach at the bottom of the tank, these things are quite tricky to fit to the tank (unless you know the trick, please see video below) and are prone to leaking after time or if installed badly.

It is much simpler and safer to install a stand pipe through the top of the tank and this also eliminates and risk of a leak from your fuel nozzle. There are a few different styles of fuel pick ups/stand pipes but the type below is the one you want for this specific job.

Tank Sender Stand Pipe

If you want to upgrade your tank to something bigger, a better shape or more robust there are lots of options on the market, you can pretty much turn any water tight container, a lid with a breather hole, a suitable fuel pick up pipe into a fuel tank so why not get creative.

Here are some of our favourites...

Go big or go home, this Outboard motor fuel tank can hold 22.7 litres at a time that is more than twice the original tank but it it also a lot shorter so can be hidden away easier.

High Quality Boat Petrol Outboard Fuel Tank - 6 Gallon / 22.7 Litre By MiDMarine

This Outboard fuel tank is just like the one above but 12 litres so a lot smaller, it is still 2 litres bigger than the tank that comes with the kit but again a much better shape for hiding it away. The barb for the fuel pipe on this is 8mm so you will need to use a thicker piece of fuel pipe to an adapter to step it down to fit the fuel line provided in your kit to make it fit your system.

Hulk 12 Litre Portable Marine Outboard Fuel Tank Yacht Sailing Boat Fishing

8mm To 6mm Hose ID Brass Reducer Barb Hose Fitting

These are an awesome space saving idea for anybody with a small van the would be perfect, they come in two different sizes 24 litre & 57 litre. They would also work well as water tanks for anybody short on space. They are built for water but made from MDPE so totally fine for diesel.

24 Litre Wheel Arch Tank With Fitting Kit

Some people like to add a fuel cut off switch just incase the controller stops working and you can't turn the heater off safely without letting go through it's own shutting down and cooling process, if you can turn the fuel off the heater will think it has run out of fuel and go through the process automatically. Fo this you just need something very simple like the switch below.

6mm ATV Buggy Inline Fuel Tank Tap Filter Petcock on Off Switch


If you do decide to tap into your vans fuel tank there is different methods for different vans for easier installs. Were not going to go into all the methods for all vans as that would make the post vey long however Butler Technik sell specific kits for specific vans so if you go onto their website and type your van model then a suitable kit should present itself to you, if there isn't one available for your make and model there is a universal kit below for going through your vans sender unit.

If they don't have anything for your make or model don't worry you can go directly into the top of your fuel tank via the sender unit with a universal kit.

Fuel Supply universal vehicle tank connector kit for diesel heaters

NEW FOR 2022


The air intake hose and silencer/filter that come with the heater are good enough for purpose and do their job as they are supposed to do, they make the heater slightly quieter and they keep foreign objects out of the heater.

If you are looking for a like for like replacement for these two bits then please follow the link below.

Combustion Air Intake Filter Pipe

If you are looking for an upgrade for your air intake/silencer/filter a really good option would be the Planer/Autoterm air intake with a much better silencer built into it, these silencers really do make a huge difference in keeping your heater quieter especially on start up and would be awesome used in conjunction with the upgrade below...

Autoterm Planar Air Intake Hose With Silencer

If you have your heater in a dusty, dirty area with debris that could be sucked in by the combustion air intake this can cause problems inside your heater and even block your atomiser or mesh. To get around this problem you can get an air intake with a better filter system. If you have space under your van they are also a good upgrade for you too as the intake filters supplied in the kits are pretty basic.

25mm Air Intake Filter Silencer For Dometic Eberspacher Webasto Diesel Heater UK

NEW FOR 2022


If you want to open your heater body up for any reason or it isn't working correctly and needs a service there are a few different bits that you will need. You can now get them all in a service kit making things so much easier.

5KW Five Piece Diesel Heater Service Kit

NEW FOR 2022

2KW Five Piece Diesel Heater Service Kit

NEW FOR 2022

These heaters are pretty simple by design so there isn't really much that can go wrong with them however there are a few things that might but luckily they are quite easy to change yourself at home so the parts are available so you can fix any problems yourself.

One thing that might stop working overtime is the glow plug, these have a limited life span or the heaters sometimes turn up with a defective glow plug fitted and when you try and fire up the heater you will get an E03 error code.

They are pretty simple to replace yourself however you will need a special tool to do it and if you don't have one already is will be far cheaper and easier to buy the full service kit above. If you already have one and just need the glow plug please see the link below.

The Amazon link below is FREE next day delivery if you have a prime membership (or a 30 day FREE trial). It is more expensive but in an emergency it could be very handy

Air Diesel Heater Ceramic Glow Plug 12V For Car Truck Boat Parking Heater

When you change the glow plug or service the heater you should also change the atomiser mesh so make sure you have some handy...

10* Glow Plug Burner Stainless Steel Filter Screen For Diesel Air Parking Heater

Another internal part that might go wrong is the temp sensor, when this goes wrong the motherboard thinks that the heater is too hot even if it is stone cold and will go into cool down mode with the fan spinning and it will be blowing cold air.

If you have ever walked into your van and the heater is on for no reason and blowing cold air the temp sensor is the most likely culprit an you might be getting an E09 error code, to fix this problem you will need one of these.

To see how to change your heater in under 2 mins with the heater still in place please see our video at the bottom of the post.

Car Auto Parking Heater Temperature Sensor

If your heater gets sooted up and filled with carbon then you might need to take it apart to give it a good clean, this is very easy to do however to put it back together again you are going to need a couple of new gaskets to make sure everything seals properly.

2 Pcs Gaskets Replacement Set For Webasto Airtop Air Diesel Heater Engine 5KW


2pcs For Webasto Airtop Gasket Set Air Diesel Heater Replace Accessories 2KW


Some heaters come with really bad controllers that have no instruction videos or manuals online anywhere so they can be really hard to understand and sometime impossible to use. Sometimes you can just order a different style control panel online and it will work with your heater and you are good to go, with some heaters though this will not work and you will not be able to upgrade to a new controller at all. If you are in this situation you could always just change the motherboard and wiring loom for ones that will work with all the decent controllers on the market. Please see photo of the controllers they are compatible with below. (please pay attention to the icons on the screens, if they are different your controller probably won't work with the motherboard below)

Air Diesel Heater Control Board Motherboard For 3-5KW 12V/24V Diesel Air Heater


If you need a new motherboard for a 2kw heater that will work with the 3 button controller please see below.

1x Control Board Accessories Motherboard Black For 12V 2KW Diesel Air Heater


If you are looking for a new wiring loom that will work with the 5kw motherboard and the decent controllers in the photos above this is what you are going to need.

The Amazon link below is FREE next day delivery if you have a prime membership (or a 30 day FREE trial).

Auto Heater Wiring,Easy to install Stable Harness


If you are looking for a wiring loom for a genuine 2kw heater with the round 3 pin screw on connector this is what you will need.

2KW Diesel Heater Wiring Loom 3 BUTTON CONTROLLER



For the wiring loom directly above or for 2kw heaters that come with a wiring loom with the same controller connector as the wiring loom above you will need one of these

3 Pin 10ft 3M Extension Cord Cable

NEW FOR 2022

If you have a 5kw heater with the rounded triangle connection and would like to extend your power cable so the controller can reach inside a building or if you have an extra long vehicle and want your controller further away from your heater than your wiring loom allows unfortunately there isn't really anything on the market at the moment. They are very easy to make yourself at home though and everything you will need to do it is listed below. There is enough for a 5 meter extension.

3 Way Pin Automotive Car Electrical Connector Plug Sealed Waterproof

LEADTOPS 3 Pin Conductor Extension Wire 33ft 22 AWG 10M Spool

NEW FOR 2022

Tesa Fabric Tape PET fleece 51608 Insulating tape for Wiring loom Cotton Adhesive tape - 25mm x 25m

NEW FOR 2022


You might have been lucky enough to get one of the good controllers with your heater but if you haven't and you are looking to upgrade to a better controller or even a simpler controller you have a few to choose from but these are our favourites

The most common type on the market and the type with the most instructional videos about them on youtube is this type, it is simple to use comes with a remote and works with most heaters with the rounded triangle type connector. it is also compatible with the 5KW mother board above.

The Amazon link below is FREE next day delivery if you have a prime membership (or a 30 day FREE trial).

SUNWAN 12V Car Heater LCD Switch Controller with 4 Button Remote Control For Car Diesels Air Heater Parking Heater

If you don't like the idea of of a digital controller that is always lit up up like Christmas tree then you might want to try a rotary controller instead, these are very simple controllers but only let you do basic things. It is a good idea to have a digital controller spare if you have one of these incase you ever need to go into the heaters settings or set a timer on the heater.

Again this heater works with most heaters with the rounded triangle type connector and is compatible with 2KW and 5KW heaters (with rounded triangle connectors).

Parking Heater Controller DC 12V/24V Climate Control Panel Knob Switch

Another option and probably the best generic Chinese controller on the market at the moment is the one below, it works pretty much the same as the first controller I linked to but it has a few extra good points. The first is that is can sense what altitude you are currently at and adjust fuel and air settings when at higher altitudes unlike any of the older models and the other main difference is that the remote has a LCD screen on it too so you can see the heaters settings etc without having to guess and this makes life a lot easier.

The Amazon link below is FREE next day delivery if you have a prime membership (or a 30 day FREE trial).

12V / 24V air diesel heater parking switch panel parking heater remote control blue LCD with red remote control


Most heater kits come with the bare minimum when it comes to hot air ducting and vents and usually only come with one piece of hot air ducting and a vent. This is ok for small areas but if you have a larger area or multiple rooms to heat with one heater this isn't ideal.

There are a few exceptions though, some heaters come with four smaller outlets on the heater itself and should come with four short 42mm pieces of ducting but no vents.

Or you might have been lucky to get a kit that comes with three pieces of ducting, a Y or T piece and two vents that you can use for two outlets so you can direct the heat to two locations.

If your heater doesn't come with everything you need to direct the heat where you want to there are a few different bits and pieces you can get...


75mm Pipe Ducting Y Piece + Warm Air Outlet Vent Hose Clip For Diesel Heater

75mm Rotatable Air Outlet Vent

75mm Heater Pipe Ducting Closable Vents

NEW FOR 2022

75mm Heater Air Duct Ducting Hot Cold Pipe For Webasto Eberspacher Diesel Heater


75mm Air Ducting Pipe Elbow Outlet Connector

75mm Ducting Joiner Connector x 2

75mm-60mm Car Parking Heater Ducting Reducer

Y Piece With Valves On Each Branch

(shut one or both of if you need to)

NEW FOR 2022

2KW 5KW 42mm 60mm 75mm Air Outlet Vent Cover Air Diesel Parking Heater Parts

NEW FOR 2022


60mm Pipe Ducting T Piece & Air Outlet Vent + Hose Clip Set For Diesel Heater UK

Air Vent Outlet, 60mm Auto Car Heater Ducting Warm Air Vent Outlet -Rotatable 360 Degrees


60mm Car Air Ducting Hose Vent,Hot & Cold Air Ducting, Heater Duct Pipe for Diesel Heater Webasto


2x 60mm Air Ducting Joiner Connector Pipe For Webasto Eberspacher Diesel Heater

60mm Heater Air Vent Outlet Ducting Elbow Connector For Webasto Diesel Heater x 2

60mm T Branch Duct Splitter Outlet-Connector W/ Regulator Flap Valve For Heater

NEW FOR 2022


42mm Heater Duct Pipe Hot Cold Air Ducting For Webasto Diesel Heater

NEW FOR 2022


4X 42mm Diesel Heater Ducting Duct Warm Air Vent directional Outlet UK stock

NEW FOR 2022

2pcs For Webasto/Eberspacher Diesel Heater 42mm Ducting Joiner Connector Pipe

NEW FOR 2022

So that is all we can think of for now so that is where we are going to leave it, there are lots of awesome bits and pieces so I hope you found what you are looking for.

For more information on fitting your own heater please take a look at our - Fitting Your Own Chinese Diesel Heater - Everything You Need To Know post by following the link below

Ok thats it we hope you all enjoyed it and found it helpful. We also have a youtube channel with loads of helpful diesel heater and van life videos with more being uploaded all the time.

Please check out some of our videos below and subscribe to our channel if you like them or find them helpful.


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