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How To Never Get Bored Cooking With A Single Gas Burner or Camping Stove

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

This post is for anybody out there that think their mealtimes have become a bit repetitive and frankly boring!

If you only have a single hob or camping stove it can be easy to fall into a routine of eating the same thing over and over again because your options can be a little bit limited with just one burner.

However the are loads of things we can cook with just one burner and if we think about things a little bit in advance the possibilities are almost endless.

This is what we came up with...


So as usual we will start at the start as what is obvious to some people is brand new knowledge to others, there are many dishes from around the world that are amazing, loved by many and cooked in one pot or pan so that is a good place to start. As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases


Stir fry's are an option with so many different possibilities it is pretty much endless, there are numerous sauces available that you can buy from any super market, the noodles can be kept at room temp for months and you can add any kind of veg or meat that takes your fancy. You also don't need any special equipment to cook a stir fry as a wok is essentially a big frying pan.

Here are some links to some stir fry recipe books (the photos are the links... click them) they are all available for free if you have Amazon Kindle Unlimited if not there is a link below for £0.00 for 3 months...

All the e-books in this post are available for free on kindle unlimited 👆


The Mexican's are another nation of people that have managed to perfect awesome food in a single pot, and if you like some spice to your food then this is a very good option. ok so I am not going to deny that once it comes out of the pot the only difference is the way you wrap it up in a tortilla wrap but its what's inside that count not how you fold it...

Be a Mexican not a Mexican't!

Again the photos above are clickable links and all the books are available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited.


These are an awesome option for winter and take virtually no cooking skills at all. You just put them in a pot and leave them to cook. The one problem you will have with this option is the amount of gas you will burn through cooking a single meal. To get around this problem you can use a product called a CanCooker. This amazing little pan with reduce the cooking time of your casserole from 4 hours to about 45 mins and you meat will just fall apart. If you have ever heard of an Instant Pot that are all the rage at the moment... this is the gas hob version and you can use all the same recipes.

CanCooker Tailgating Inc G15-2016 Can Cooker Companion, Silver, 1.5 Gallon


Can Cooker Cancooker Inc JR-001 Junior

Once you have one of these little beauties then there are literally thousands of recipes you can choose from or you can just chuck in anything you have and make your own recipes. Here are some recipe books to get you started (all free to read on Amazon Kindle Unlimited)

There are also facebook groups for CanCooker & Instant Pot recipes, click the pictures below to join the groups


If one pot meals don't float your boat then there are a few options available that let you cook a few different things on the same burner at the same time. So if you only have a camping stove but love a full fry up in the morning this is a perfect option for you.

5 in 1 Multi Section Fryer Frying Pan Non Stick Grill Oven BBQ Induction Plate

The Lazy Pan - Cast Aluminium Non-Stick Multi Section Frying Pan Induction Compatible, Great Heat Retention by Jean-Patrique

Ridgemonkey Gunmetal Grey Connect Combi & Steamer Set


Pendeford 26 cm 3 Section Non Stick Detachable Handle Frying Pan


You can also get multi section sauce pans if you like to boil most of your food rather than fry it.

Saucepan Triple Divider And Separator Set - Saves Energy and Space When Cooking. Three Part Professional 18cm Stainless Steel Strainer. Vegetables, Potatoes, Mussels, Boiled Eggs. Pan Not Included.

Sapphire Non Stick 4 Section Sauce Pan with Glass Lid, Grey, 20 cm



There are also some awesome accessories on the market that also have an endless amount of options once you own them. As I have already mentioned Ridgemonkey I will start with them.

Ridgemonkey Classic Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster inc Utensils *Both Sizes* NEW

There amazing little things have so many uses and there are so many different things that you can cook in them but they are essentially for making awesome toasted sandwiches on a hob, again toasted sandwiches are another meal with so many options it is almost endless.

But as I said they can also be used for so many other things, one of the simplest is separating the top from the bottom and using it as a skillet.

The Ridgemonkey is also amazing for making little pizza's...

Don't forget all of the e-books on this post are free to read on Amazon Kindle Unlimited the the photos are clickable links.

Not only can you cook both toasties and pizza in the Ridgemonkey you can make thousands of other things too. There are lots of facebook groups and pages dedicated it and loads of YouTube videos so with this one item alone you open up so many new cooking opportunities.


Another awesome little gadget the works in pretty much the same way as the Ridgemonkey but isn't as versatile is a waffle iron. Although with a waffle iron you are limited to just waffles there are so many things you can put on a waffle they can never get boring.

Stove Top Waffle Iron, 2 Slice Belgian Waffle Maker with Non-Stick Coating, Bakelite Handle & Closing Latch, Easy Clean

Rome's Chuckwagon Waffle Iron, Cast Iron, One Size, Gray


The Omnia Oven is another very handy little stove top device that broadens your cooking abilities. It can basically cook anything you can cook in an oven on a single gas hob! You can also get some awesome accessories for it for cooking different foods

Omnia Oven

Omnia Muffin Ring

Omnia Oven Duo Silicone Mould Inserts

Omnia Oven Rack

These truly are amazing little things, as I said before if you can cook it in an oven you can cook it in this. They are awesome for baking breads, pizzas, pastries, roasting meats, veg, steaming fish and so on.

That makes these one of the most versatile little kitchen gadgets on the market. For more info and recipe ideas check out the facebook group below.

That's it for our suggestions for today but as you can see cooking on a single burner stove doesn't have to be boring at all. If you get bored and still want to add a bit more variety to your menu why not keep a couple of disposable bbq's in your van to mix things up a bit however make sure you only use them outside, they are extinguished correctly, don't keep them in your van even after the are extinguished (they will still give off deadly amounts of carbon monoxide) and last of all make sure you dispose of them correctly.

Don't forget that all of the e-books are available to read for FREE with an Amazon kindle Unlimited subscription. If you don't already have a subscription but would like to check it out they offer a 30 day FREE trial with access to thousands of books for free for a whole month. For more info please follow the links below

We hope you have all enjoyed the post and found it helpful




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As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases

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