Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Hi everybody, we're back with an updated version of our tried and tested diesel heater post...

Since our last tried and tested diesel heater post a lot has changed so we thought it was time to revamp it, and as is always a good idea to do things better the 2nd time round we have decided to make it a lot better so here is our brand new...


As we said above a lot has changed since our last post that we were not too happy so we have been busy ordering some new heaters to check out.

Just like the previous post what we mean by tried and tested is that we have ordered them and received exactly what was advertised and they turned up either on or before the date they were supposed to. .

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5KW Heaters are very powerful and kick out a lot of heat, if you install one of these heaters in a MWB you will get too hot very quickly. For anything MWB or below we suggest installing a 2KW heater.

That being said if you have a very well insulated LWB van with a 5KW it will get hot quickly too and if you have a uninsulated WMB van with lots of windows a 2KW might struggle to keep your van warm or take ages to get to a decent temp.

Basically 2KW heaters are powerful enough for most vans even LWB if they are well insulated, if you have an uninsulated LWB van go for a 5KW heater if you have anything bigger insulated or not got for a 5KW...


Our favourite 5KW unit is one that we have been recommending to people since our first ever diesel heater post and that is the Triclicks below.

Over the past couple of years we have fitted a lot of these heaters for people and not once have they ever let us down.

First of all they come with a decent LCD controller and remote control that have lots of youtube videos on how to use them. Recently we have seen lots of weird and new controllers coming with units that nobody seems to know how to use and no tutorial videos have been made about them so that can get very confusing.

The components that are sent with the unit are always a decent quality, the fuel pumps always smell like diesel when they arrive meaning they have all been tested before packing, they come with the rigid white 2mm fuel line and there are always extra screws and bolts etc in the box so you don't run out.


Triclicks12V 5000W Air Diesel Heater Parking Heater 10L Tank Remote Control LCD Display For Truck, Boat, Car Trailer, Motorhomes, Touring Car, Campervans, Caravans (Style 2)

Triclicks 12V 5KW Air Diesel Heater Parking Heater Diesel Night Heater with Silencer LCD Switch Remote Control 10L Tank For Truck, Boat, Car Trailer, Motorhomes, Campervans, Caravas (White)



For 2KW heaters we recommend 2 brands that supply the exact same heater but the prices differ from week to week and sometimes one link is much cheaper than the other, it comes with a nice tight exhaust pipe fitting that is quite rare to find.

Be aware when buying the Ambienceo model it is on the same listing as their 5KW and 3KW heater so make sure you choose the right size before clicking buy or add to basket.

VEVOR 2KW Air Diesel Heater

Ambienceo 12V 2KW Air Diesel Heater Parking Heater


Let us start off by saying these all in one units are not for vehicle installs at all, installing one of these heaters in a vehicle is dangerous and can cause a serious risk to life...

The all in one heater units have been adapted from the units that are designed to be built into vans so they are portable and can be used to heat different things like garages, sheds, tents etc and that is what they are perfect for. You leave the unit outside and route the hot air ducting into whatever it is you are trying to heat so all the fumes will be outside where they are safe.

If you install one of these units inside a van then the exhaust manifold that you attach the exhaust pipe to would always be on the inside of the van and this is where it gets dangerous, if there is a leak from that point then the leak (and fumes) will be inside the van and that will cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

The units above this section are the correct type of unit for van installs as the exhaust manifold goes through your van floor underneath your vehicle and is sealed up so no fumes can get in, for more info on this please check out our fitting guide at the bottom of the post.

That being said if you want an all in one heater for heating something other than a vehicle like a shed, garage, summer house, workshop etc these are the ones that we recommend...

Our favorite is this Triclicks unit, it is exactly the same unit as the 5KW Triclicks heater above but already assembled and in a case.


Triclicks Air Diesel Heater 12V 5KW Vehicle Heater Set LCD Thermostat 4 Holes Parking Heater

The next heater is just like the heater above in every way except when it comes down to the controller and remote, this unit comes with the awesome new blue style controller and a remote with a build in LCD screen so you can see if what you are pressing is doing anything...

Diesel Air Heater All-in-One 12V 5KW LCD Monitor For Cars Trucks Boats Bus RVs

And that's it for our recommendations, if you are thinking about fitting your own heater please click the photo below for step by step fitting instructions...

If you are looking for spares, upgrades, or mod's for your heater please take a look at this post...




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