A Step By Step Guide To An Awesome Powerful Fully Off Grid 12v Set Up - PART 3

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Welcome back to PART 3 of our post.

If you have found this post via a link and want to catch up with the post so far please click the links in blue to take you to PART 1 & PART 2

If you have already read PART 1 & PART 2 and are ready for PART 3 of our post here it is, we won't wont waffle on we will just straight into it and pick up where we left of and that was starting to wire accessories to your 12 way fuse box.

The first thing you are going to need is some 12v sockets both the cigarette lighter style and some usb sockets, before we get on to our awesome charging sockets set up we are going to need a few normal ones for powering some of your every day bits.

There are a few bits in your van that are going to want to leave plugged in pretty much all of the time so it is best to install some dedicated sockets for those bits first. As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Universal Waterproof 12V-24V DC Cigarette Lighter Socket For Car Boat Motorcycle (2 Pack)



When it comes to wiring these sockets into your set up you are going to need some higher amp rated cable.

So far we have use 11 amp twin core for pretty much everything but these sockets have a maximum of 15 amps on a 12v set up so we are going to need to beat that, for these sockets i would use 21 amp rated twin core cable...

*21 AMP Rated* 1.5mm2 Thin Wall 2 Twin Core Cable Wire Car LED Lights (30M Roll)



There are a few bits in your van that are going to want to leave plugged in pretty much all of the time and these 2 x sockets will cover two of them... your fridge & TV.

It is best to have dedicated sockets for both of these items so you never have to choose between what you can use at certain times and because they are dedicated sockets you already know exactly where they should go. As close to where you are going to have you TV & Fridge as possible!

So first run a length of 21 amp twin core from your 12 way fuse box to where your fridge will be located.

Then run a length of 21 amp twin core from your 12 way fuse box to where your TV will be located.

Next attach some female spade crimp connectors to one end on both the positive (red) and negative (black) cables on both your lengths of 21 amp twin core cable... Please see picture below.

Next take both of your cigarette lighter sockets and attach the positive (red) cables to the positive (+) prongs on the back of each socket and the negative (black) cable to the negative (-) prongs on the back of each socket... Please see picture below

Now find the cable that we ran from the fridge to the 12 way fuse box and on the other end just like we did before with the 6 way fuse box attach a ring crimp connector to both the positive (red) cable and the negative (black) cable.

Then screw the positive (red) cable onto any of the positive (+) terminals and the negative (black) cable onto any of your negative (-) terminals on your 12 way fuse box.

Repeat again with the cable that you ran from your TV to your 12 way fuse box and you should have something that looks like this...

To finish off these two circuits you will need some blade fuses, for these circuits we need to use 15 amp fuses... please see picture above

For your a decent TV for your build it is best to go for a 12v TV to keep things and energy efficient as possible and as we will be installing an awesome WIFI set up too then why not go for a smart tv with all the apps already built in then all you need to do is connect your TV to your WIFI once then and you can watch Amazon prime, Netflix, BBC I player, ITV hub, Demand 4, Youtube etc etc whenever and wherever you like, this will come in handy when you can't get a decent TV signal with your tv aerial.

This one also has a DVD player for anybody still holding onto the past...

Ferguson F24RTS-12 Volt 24 inch Smart 12-volt LED TV with streaming apps and catch up TV built-in | Made in the UK, Black


This TV comes with a 12v power cable so all you need to do is plug it into your TV socket and you are good to go... please see picture below


When it comes down to low power 12v fridges/freezers for your van there is only one real option and that is a 12v compressor fridge/freezer any other type of 12v fridge/freezers will drain your batteries fast.

The problem with 12v compressor fridges is that the decent ones come with a hefty price tag and because we are aiming for a top quality off grid build a decent one is exactly what we are going to suggest for this build. Don't worry though we know that these fridges are out of most peoples price range so if you do want a low powered 12v compressor fridge but can't afford the big brands there are some good budget options in this post.

For this post though as we said before we are going to recommend one of the top fridges/freezers buy one of the top companies and that is this one...

Dometic CFX3 55


This fridge/freezer is awesome for so many reasons first unlike some of the cheaper compressor fridges on the market it is almost silent.

Next it is extremely low powered and a generous size to fit a lot of food and drink in, it can be used as a fridge or a freezer, it has a phone app so you can control it from you phone via wifi, you can unplug it and take it out on adventures with you and it will stay cool all day and most importantly they are very smart so will always cut off before your leisure batteries die.

Just like the TV all cool box style 12v compressor fridges will also come with a cigarette lighter adapter so you can plug it straight into your fridge socket and it is ready to use...

The next thing we are going to add to the set up and again is something that is used so often that it might as well have its own dedicated power socket and that is WIFI.

A lot of the things that we have added to the set up, will be adding to the set up or have optional extras that you can add to the set up use WIFI for example the Smart TV it is a good idea to have something built in to your van that will provide an awesome WIFI speeds and signal so you don't always have to tether to your phone. This becomes particularly if you are a family in a van with only one unlimited data phone plan between you so either you or your phone has to be in the van all the time to keep things running.

And again as we are going for a good quality build we are going to recommend a really good one that allows you to connect pretty much as many devices to it as you want, is very fast and most importantly allows you to connect external antennas should you choose to do so.


So for this set up we suggest this awesome MIFI router...

NETGEAR Nighthawk MR1100 Mobile Hotspot 4G Router, Mifi, Portable Wi-Fi for Travel, Super Fast Download Speeds Up to 1 Gbps, Unlocked for All Networks


These wifi routers are charged via a 2.1 amp USB - A charging port so before you add wifi to your set up you will need one of these...

MMOBIEL Universal Waterproof Dual USB Charger Blue LED Indicator Power Outlet Socket 12V-24V output 5V 2.1A High Speed Charger


Although these come with some cable and an inline fuse it is best not to use them as they are very short so the first thing you need to do to wire this into your system is to find some more of your 11 amp twin core cable and cut a length long enough to reach from your 12 way fuse box to where your wifi router will be located.

Next on the end of the cable where your usb socket for your router will be located attach 2 x female spade crimp connectors and crimp securely into space. Please see picture below.

And just like you did with the cigarette lighter sockets before on the back of the socket attach the positive (red) cable to the positive (+) prong and the negative (black) cable to the negative (-) prong on the back of the USB socket... Please see picture below

Next just like you have done with everything else you have connected to either of your f