A Super Simple AWESOME Off Grid 12V System... Step By Step With Diagrams PART 3

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Hi everybody and welcome to PART 3 of our awesome set up, if you are just joining us at PART 3 and have not seen PART 1 or PART 2 of our post yet please follow the links below to so you can see how we got to this point.

if you have already read the previous posts and are already caught up we are just going to jump straight back into it.

At the end of PART 2 we had just finished filling one side of your blade fuse box and you should be left with a set up looking something like this...

To make things easier again we are going to zoom back into the fuse box so we can finish wiring our accessories to it...

The next thing that pretty much everybody wants in their campers is a powered roof fan.

Roof fans are very important in a van build for ventilation, fresh air, extracting smells & fumes and with some adding a little bit of day light for the day times, there are a few good ones on the market but (in our opinion) the best one and our suggestion for this build is the Maxxair Delux.

Not only are these fans unique in the fact they have a built in rain cover so they can still be used in the rain but they also are one of the only fans on the market that can both extract and blow.

They do have a downside though they stick up quite high so if you are trying to be stealth this fan probably isn't for you.

Maxxair Maxxfan Deluxe 400 × 400 Rooflight Clear Tint Remote Control Rooflight


These are very easy to hook up and you already have everything you need to do it.

So first find your 21 amp twin core cable and run a length long enough to reach from your 12 way fuse box to your roof fan, at the fuse box end attach two ring crimp connectors and connect the negative (black) cable to any negative terminal on your fuse box and the positive (red) cable to any positive terminal on your fuse box.

Please see picture below...

Next at the fan end of the twin core cable attach one of these to the both the positive (red) cable and negative (black) cable and crimp into place... see pictures below.

Now you are going to have to connect the cables from the roof fan to your cable and to do that you are going to need to know which cable is positive and which cable is negative.

Just to make things a little bit more complicated the cables coming out of your Maxxair fan will not be black and red they will be black and white, common sense will tell you that black is negative as it has been for everything else so far but with this accessory it is not the case.

When it comes wiring your Maxxair fan black is positive and white is negative, as the background for the wiring diagram is also white for the sake of the wiring diagram this cable will be Green...

please see picture below...

Again the last thing you will need to finish the circuit is a fuse

Maxxair fans are built for 12v set ups so we don't really need to do any maths to work out how many amps these will pull as the they already tell you in amps

Set on the highest fan speed the Maxxair fan draws a maximum of 5 amps and the cable we have use is 21 amp so for this set up we are going to use a 10 amp fuse.

Once you have inserted your 10 amp fuse into your 6 way blade fuse box you should have something that looks like this.

Please see picture below...

The next thing we are going to add to the set up is a kitchen tap, a pump for your water and and a gas hob that needs to be wired to the fuse box for the spark/ignition.

Before we do that though we would just like to tell you that we have our very own Van Build facebook group where we share lots of our awesome content, exclusive content and starting this week video content too as well as answering any questions you might have for us. Please click the photo below and join our van build group if it sounds like something that interests you...

When it comes to kitchen sinks there are loads of options out there and you can even make your own out of an old mixing bowl and some decretive piping if that's what floats your boat or you are going for the homemade rustic look.

This is not what we are going to suggest though as the title of the post contains the word SIMPLE and what we just described above is far from.

So for this build to keep things as simple as possible we are going to suggest a Dometic all in one unit and not only is it an all in one sink set up is also has a double hob too 🦜🦜💎 (2 birds 1 stone)

There are a few bits and pieces you will need...

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases

DOMETIC HSG 2370 Litre Two-Burner Hob and Sink Combination with Glass Lid, 900 x 370 mm


Comet Cold Water Tap 12V Micro Switch Fits Smev Sinks Caravan Motorhome Boat


Whale GP1352 Standard 12V Submersible Electric Pump-White, 13 litres


Everything else you need to wire these bits and pieces to your fuse box you should already have from before. you might be running low on twin core 21 amp cable though so you might need some more of that.

*21 AMP Rated* 1.5mm2 Thin Wall 2 Twin Core Cable Wire Car LED Lights (30M Roll)