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Monthly Giveaway Announcement

Hi everybody, we're back with another very quick post and this week we have an exciting announcement for you.

Those of you that follow us on facebook, youtube, instagram or are in any of our facebook groups will know we have started giving away some awesome prizes via giveaways.

Today we are happy to announce that from now on we will be doing an awesome giveaway every month and we already have some top prizes ready to giveaway.

Up until now all of our giveaways have been posted on youtube but we have decided to make a change to this to make it more exclusive to our followers and subscribers so we know the prizes are going to the right people. We will still announce all of the giveaways on youtube too so if you haven't subscribed yet and also like van life and diesel heater content please click the link below to visit our home page an subscribe...

As we mentioned above we have some awesome giveaway prizes ready and waiting, all perfect for any van lifers or diesel heater enthusiasts out there. We will also be adding to the prize stash as often as we can so we can give away as much stuff to you all as possible. Who knows if we get sent enough goodies, stuff to test or are feeling particularly flush maybe after a while we will be able to do multiple giveaways a month.

Obviously some prizes will be better than others and it will be the luck of the draw if you win the specific prize you want but...

Here are some of the better prizes we have lined up for you so far.


RRP £150

We honestly think these are the best GPS tracker options for van life. No only can you track your van if it is stolen but you can check on it as many times as you like for no monthly fee because if you were to buy it it would be an upfront fee of £150 and then you can use it as many times as you like for 5 years, this means if you are in a new area and can't find your van because you got lost you can just fire up the app. Or you can give the login details to a family member or friend when you are on a solo adventure and they can track you to make sure you are safe.

GPSBOB Were kind enough to send us a few of these trackers to test out last year and as we were extremely impressed with them. We knew that this day would come we put one safely away with the permission of GPSBOB to giveaway to a lucky follower. They're good eggs!

For more info on these trackers that you could be the proud winner of please check out the blog post below or video at the bottom of the page



RRP FROM £80 - £220

As diesel heaters are one of our specialties we have multiple units to giveaway already that we have been sent for unboxing videos or controller tutorials (coming soon to our youtube, don't forget to subscribe), etc and we are literally going to give them ALL away to lucky followers.

We have a full house sitting in boxes ready to giveaway already a vevor 2kw, vevor 5kw and a Maxpeedingrods 5kw all in one but we are trying new units all the time so more will be added to the prize stash and given away to one of you too.

Our last giveaway was a diesel heater and it as a good one too

A Lavaner Pro 2kw (the Cadillac of Chinese diesel heaters).

Lavaner have promised us they will send us some of their new units to test so once they are tested into the stash the go!

To check out the quality of the Lavaner Pro Diesel Heaters Please check out the video below...



RRP £80

These magnetic glass sets are awesome for van life for multiple reasons and thanks to Butler Technik we have this set to give away to one lucky subscriber.

Apart from the obvious idea of sticking the magnetic coasters to a table so you don't spill red wine all over your nice expensive camper, motorhome, RV or boat they are also great for space saving and to stop rattling as you drive. They are awesome

The also do a few other bits and pieces and loads of different styles of glasses too, hopefully we will have some different styles to give away to our subscribers very soon too. Until then if you want to take a look at some of their items please click the photo below.



RRP £18

Carbon Monoxide alarms are vital in pretty much any camper wether you have a gas hob, three way fridge, Chinese diesel heater, gas water heater or a few other bits. Anything that uses combustion creates carbon monoxide and in a small area like a van this can be deadly. It is easily solved with such a simple alarm to warn you if there is a dangerous level in the air and for this reason we will regularly be giving away Carbon monoxide alarms. The first one is made specifically for leisure vehicles and is the Fire Angle C0-9BT

We also have a few other bits and pieces already waiting to give away, will be buying more AWESOME prizes ourselves and anything we are sent to test for our blog or Youtube channel we will add to the giveaway prize pile once we have tried and tested it.

The prize draw will be monthly to begin with but hopefully in time we will be able to do them more often, we have enough prizes already to last over a year and we already have a few extra bits in the post to us so we are confident we will never struggle with awesome van life and diesel heater prizes.

The bigger the giveaway gets and the more people the enter the more prizes we will be able to give away.


From now on all of our giveaways will be held on our Patreon page.

This is for two main reasons. Firstly this will insure that one of our loyal followers and subscribers will win every single giveaway and secondly so we can raise extra money for more giveaway prizes and spend more of our time creating content, finding freebies, organising giveaways and hopefully if all goes to plan organise a few van life socials/meet ups per year for our community.

What is patreon?

Patreon is basically an online platform for online content creators that lets them set up a subscription service so they can earn a regular monthly wage instead of relying on affiliate links and ad revenues that are far from a reliable income. Along with all of their regular free content that they post they often offer exclusive content, offers, deals, videos etc to their biggest fans, followers, supporters who subscribe to their Patreon accounts as a bit of a thank you for being loyal.

As we want to spend more time creating content and have loads of awesome prizes that we want to give to our loyal followers we have decided to do just that but instead of just extra content as a thank you we will be giving away awesome prizes every month instead.

This way we don't feel like we are asking for something for nothing and everybody is in with a good chance of walking away with something awesome just for being nice enough to support us.


We have set up a Patreon account with two different subscription levels. One is set to £3 per month as it is the lowest they will let us go and the other is set to £5 per month.

Both subscription levels give you exactly the same benefits except for...

£3 per month members get - 1 X FREE AUTOMATIC ENTREE PER MONTH

£5 per month members get - 2 X FREE AUTOMATIC ENTREES PER MONTH

It is quick and easy to sign up and once you have done it you will automatically be entered into every prize draw without fail, either one entree if you are a £3 subscriber or two entrees if you are a £5 subscriber. Anytime you want to stop all you need to do is unsubscribe just as easily as you signed up, the payments will stop and you will stop being entered into the draws. It really is as simple as that.

As well as Patreon will also be announcing every monthly giveaway on our youtube channel so if you don't want to or can't afford to subscribe to our Patreon for every month why not subscribe to our youtube channel and keep an eye out for the giveaways. This way you can subscribe for specific months if you see a prize that takes your fancy.

If you want to bite the bullet and sign up or just check it out and see what it is all about please click the Patreon logo to be taken directly to our page.


We're not really planning on creating any exclusive content for our Patreon as we like to post all of out content for free for anybody to see. However we do quite often have content ready to post on the blog or our youtube channel that we delay posting for one reason or another.

For example we have lots of Diesel Heater videos ready to post however we want to mix things up on our youtube channel with different subjects instead of flooding it with content that only applies to some of our subscribers and not others

We plan to post all of our content to our Patreon as soon as it is ready to go and not leave it in a queue. This way people can be benefiting from them before we have a slot to post them.

We are also planning on organising some van life meet ups/socials a couple of times a year for our community. We don't plan on charging for the events and some of the money from subscriptions will go towards the organisation of them so our Patreon Subscribers will be offered the spaces first before anybody else.

And finally you will get our full undivided attention. If you are having problems with anything in your van or with your diesel heater and would like some advice on it we will be there to answer your questions if we know the answer. If we don't we will ask people we know for the answer and let you know. We try to help as many people as possible in our groups but conversations get buried and we can't see every comment. We will be checking for questions a few times a day and will get back to you with an answer A.S.A.P.


It will all be very simply done and very fair for everyone, we will use an online selector that can't be rigged to choose the winner at random each month.

First we will announce the giveaway with a cool or weird video (please see below) on our youtube channel. This is to let anybody know who hasn't signed up yet that there is a giveaway coming up.

To enter you have to be a subscriber to our Patreon, there is no other way to buy your way into the draw.

You get either one entree or two entrees into the draw depending on your subscription level. Two entrees into each draw is the most any one person can have.

You need to be subscribed to our channel 24 hours before the draw you want to enter. (If you subscribe less that 24 hours before a draw if we see it we will add you but if we don't you will be entered into the next months draw).

The winners will be drawn live on our youtube channel. They will be very simple videos that last about a min where we spin the wheel to reveal the winner. The video will then be posted around our social media accounts and to Patreon so you don't have to catch it live. You can pause the screen and check for your name on the wheel. It will be there.

We will be using this website to draw the winner feel free to check it out.

Once the winner has been drawn we will contact you via Patreon for your address and get it shipped out to you as soon as possible. Please note if you are not from the UK and would like to get involved that is no problem at all however depending on the item and your location we might have to split the shipping costs.

To see how we announced the giveaway and drew the winner of the 2KW Lavaner pro we gave away in our last giveaway please check out the announcement videos below.


We plan on starting A.S.A.P but obviously we need to wait until we have some Patreon subscribers so we have somebody to give the prizes away to so we can't give you an exact date. The plan is to start the first giveaway on the same day we reach 10 subscribers. The winner will then be drawn on the same date of the next month and will always be drawn on that date from then on.

If it takes more than a month to reach the 10 subscribers we need to trigger the first giveaway anybody waiting will have their entrees roll over. So for the first draw and the first draw only it will be possible to have 1 or 2 entrees (depending on your subscription level) for each month you had to wait for the giveaways to start.

For example if a £5 subscriber had to wait 2 months for them to start and it started in the third month they would get 6 entrees into the first draw. This is the only fair way we can think of doing it. Hopefully it won't take longer than a month but we thought we better have a back up plan just incase.

So that's it from us today we hope you are all as excited about it as us, we know that this isn't for everybody and if that is you we appreciate you reading this far but for a lot of people it is a good opportunity to get some free stuff for their vans that would be an extra cost that they can't afford. Especially if you get in early when there are not many subscribers as there will be very good odds on winning something.

We hope you have all enjoyed the post and hopefully we will get to chat to some of you on Patreon very soon.

Peace out (8 town down)

Please keep scrolling for more van life related blog posts and youtube videos. If you like our content please consider subscribing to our youtube channel for weekly videos and to our blog mailing list so you can be notified when we post new content.

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